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Welcome to my online blog on visitor safety issues, site visits and other matters of possible interest. The general rule is that the content of the blog should not involve criticism of people, places or site management. Discussion about a particular site does not imply that I am undertaking work for the organisation that owns or manages the site - in most cases, these are the observations of a visitor.

27th October 2012

Nostell Priory, West Yorkshire

Another fine autumnal weekend day, so a visit to a local National Trust property to see what developments have taken place, and to walk the estate boundary through parkland, pasture and woodland. The walk passes the restored obelisk at a hill on the northern end of the estate, the restored stable block with new cafe facilities, and the gardens, since our last visit rather thinned of rhododendrons on account of phytophthora.

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An interesting wording on the signs in the vicinity of the adventure playground, reflecting more recent thinking on the need for children to be exposed to some level of risk when using play facilities, as part of their development. Is this wording now posted at all NT adventure playgrounds? It would be fascinating to see the accompanying risk-benefit assessment. Hopefully the Trust is taking the lead among organisations in implementing the guidance produced by Play England on managing and designing play facilities.