• Sunday 2nd February 2014

    An exploration into South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire. On the way to the primary destination, an excursion off route into a small liestone valley to discover the well-preserved remains of Roche Abbey, a 12th century Cistercian abbey. Another example of a fine piece of British history virtually on the doorstep yet never previously visited. Although closed for winter, a public footpath runs conveniently around the perimeter allowing excellent views of the remains.

    Near Blyth lies the estate of Hodsock Priory, an historic house not open to the general public, with attached gardens and woodland famous for snowdrops in season, and open only in February and early March. A rare occurrence - a fine sunny day with blue skies. Very fine gardens with much in flower - snowdrops of course in profusion, but also winter irises, cyclamens, winter honeysuckle, witch hazel. Pleasant but short woodland walks, with interesting safeguards - most paths clearly marked and any protuding tree roots painted white to highlight the tripping hazard - or was this more of a DDA measure to assist visitors with restricted sight?

    Later, an afternoon walk exploring Worksop and the Chesterfield Canal. Not the most scenic choice of route but some interesting history that may guide a future visit to this area.

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