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Of interest here from the visitor safety perspective is the expanse of the Tilt Yard that forms the main approach from the ticket office to the entrance through the castle walls at Mortimer's Tower. The Tilt Yard name reflects its later use for jousting - originally in Norman times it was a causeway over the Finham brook, forming a dam and creating a mere to the west. The Yard is a wide, flat space, probably some 100 metres long, with a low parapet on each side, fallling on one side to steeply sloping grass and on the other, a vertical drop of about 3-4 metres. There are some similarities (but it is by no means an identical situation) to the bridge at Warwick Castle (a few miles up the road) that featured in the recent case brought by Warwick District Council against Merlin Attractions Ltd. Here at Kenilworth, the 'bridge' formed by the Tilt Yard is much wider, the fall height significantly less, and the hazard is reasonably obvious. However, the Warwick Castle judgement seems to have reinforced the need to have a risk assessment in place to justify any decision to allow some residual risk from an unprotected or partially protected drop to which visitors have access.

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The formal Elizabethan garden, recently restored by English Heritage, merits further exploration later in the year ....

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