9th - 19th February 2012

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Skiing trip stateside to the spectacular scenery of the Grand Teton range near Jackson Hole, Wyoming - it should have been eight days skiing, but some moderate back trouble limited my participation until I found an excellent local chiropractor who was able to restore my structure to close to its normal shape, allowing exertions on the piste to resume. If anyone should find themselves in a similar predicament in this part of the world, I can fully recommend Dr Tiger Steuber, located on North Cache Street heading out of town towards the Museum of Wildlife Art, of which more shortly.

On one of my less active days, I took the cable car to the top of Rendezvous Peak, when visibility was not at its best. The legendary safety message was prominent. I have seen it on another occasion, completely covered by snow, but with the snow cleared carefully by a knowledgable local to reveal just four words - "you .... could .... suffer .... death".

P2122185 red

The tram arrives at Rendezvous Peak

P2122187 red

Poor visibility at the frozen summit

P2122192 red

Inner workings

P2122191 red

The Jackson Hole safety message

P2122184 red

Typical Wyoming barn

DSCF2911 red

Typical views of the Grand Teton Range on a clear day

14th February 2012

National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole
An excursion to this stunning collection of some of the finest wildlife painting and sculpture in the USA ....

P2152212 red

TD Kelsey - "A Change of Seasons"

P2152210 red

Bighorn sheep

P2142207 red

Robert Bateman - "Chief"

P2142208 red

John Nieto - "Coyote"