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News archive October 2013

October 2013

2012 UK water-related fatalities (Water Incident Database (WAID)) report released

This report is the first release of WAID fatality information for 2012, and has been compiled by members of the National Water Safety Forum. WAID provides a comprehensive and reliable incident database for members of the public participating in
water-related activities. This will inform decisions on risk acceptability, prevention and the appropriateness of risk controls and regulation. Activities span sports (under, on and above water), leisure boating (all forms), and waterside pastimes. Locations include domestic premises, private and public waters throughout the UK and the UK search and rescue areas.To obtain the report and for further information on the WAID service please see

'Re-wilding children' campaign launched

The UK's biggest ever campaign to reconnect children with nature and outdoor play has been launched by the newly formed Wild Network, as it encourages the nation's parents to swap some of their kids' screen time for wild time.

Swapping thirty minutes of screen time for an extra half an hour of wild time every day would decrease children's time in front of screens by 10%. This could help increase levels of physical activity, alertness and ultimately improve their well-being. This new campaign is being launched on the back of an important new documentary film, 'Project Wild Thing', which is being shown at over fifty cinemas across the UK from 25th October. 3 years in the making, 'Project Wild Thing' takes a funny and moving look at one of the most complex issues of the age - the increasingly fragile link between children and nature.

More details on the Play England web site at

New edition of "Managing risk in play provision: implementation guide" published

The Play Safety Forum has produced an updated 2nd edition of the publication "Managing Risk in Play Provision: implementation guide" to help strike a balance between the risks and the benefits of offering children challenging play opportunities.

This implementation guide shows how play providers can replace current risk assessment practice with an approach that fully takes into account the benefits to children and young people of challenging play experiences. The document's overall approach will be useful for those who manage spaces and settings in which children play, and for those involved in designing and maintaining them.

The managing risk in play provision implementation guide builds on the Play Safety Forum's position statement "Managing risk in play provision" (Play Safety Forum, 2002). It starts from the principle that ultimate responsibility for making decisions rests with the provider, although outside expertise and advice is always valuable.

HSE's chair, Judith Hackett, has written about the launch of the new guidance in her blog at