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Video of the week 2014

This is a sub-page of "Touch of Grey" and has very little, if anything, to do with visitor safety, but a lot to do with fine music, although that of course is in the ear of the beholder. It started with a few links to Grateful Dead-related videos and similar material, before moving on to other bands and musicians of personal preference in excellent performance, before occasionally returning to Dead-connected music. We're on a musical road every week or two.


Last video of 2014, 26th December - another treat - a Joan Osborne show comprising entirely Grateful Dead covers!


Week ending 19th December - a treat - Further with Branford Marsalis at Red Rocks near Denver - "Morning Dew".


Week ending 12th December - continuing the Sandy Denny theme, this is from the a tribute concert a couple of years ago where various singers and musicians were brought together by Thea Gilmore to celebrate Sandy's songs. This is Lavinia Blackwall and Dave Swarbrick covering "The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood".


Week ending 28th November - some vintage footage from 1970 of Sandy Denny and Fotheringay - "Gypsy Davy".


Week ending 14th November - from the folk awards night earlier this year - Anaïs Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer accompanied by Martin Green and Aidan O'Rourke from Lau - "Willie of Winsbury".


Week ending 31st October - Halloween, so something chilling and spooky?  "I Saw The Dead" from the project Crows' Bones performed by Martin Green, Becky Unthank, Inge Thomson and Niklas Roswall fits the bill.


Week ending 18th October - possibly Trigger Hippy? Any band fronted by Joan Osborne has to be worth listening to. "Rise Up Singing".


Week ending 10th October - having seen the man in concert the week before, this is the extraordinarily talented Rodney Branigan with a song about domestic violence - "She Bled".


Week ending 26th September - Ed Sheeran, "I See Fire".


Week ending 12th September - and the other half of Show of Hands, Steve Knightley with Martin Simpson and Andy Cutting, covering Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright".


Week ending 29th August - having enjoyed a week on board the sailing vessel Tectona in the company of among others, Phil Beer, it is only proper to include a piece of his work - here playing "Mary from Dungloe".


Week ending 15th August - a variation of a previous entry, with Bob Dylan's "Boots of Spanish Leather" covered stunningly by Mandolin Orange.


Week ending 1st August - The Elizabethan Session with Nancy Kerr leading, "The Shores of Hispaniola".


Week ending 25th July - from the archive, the Grateful Dead at the Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey on 18th June 1976 -

"St. Stephen > Not Fade Away > St. Stephen > Eyes Of The World > Drums > The Wheel > Sugar Magnolia".


Week ending 4th July - lots to choose from Glastonbury, so let's try Robert Plant and "Little Maggie".


Week ending 27th June - having seen him a few days ago at Wadsworth Community Centre near Hebden Bridge as part of his 'Grow Your Own Gig' tour, this is Steve Knightley with an unusual but very effective pairing of "Try" (a song by Pink) and "Boots of Spanish Leather" (by Bob Dylan).