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Video selection 2015

This is a sub-page of "Touch of Grey" and has very little, if anything, to do with visitor safety, but a lot to do with fine music, although that of course is in the ear of the beholder. It started with a few links to Grateful Dead-related videos and similar material, before moving on to other bands and musicians of personal preference in excellent performance, before occasionally returning to Dead-connected music. We're off on a musical road every fortnight or so.


Week ending 30th January - high quality jamming from the String Cheese Incident at Red Rocks (a spectacular venue in the Rockies in Colorado, where 12 years ago I saw the Dead perform) - "Rhythm of the Road".


Week ending 23rd January - very fine musicianship from the Punch Brothers - Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto 3-iii, Allegro in G Major".


Week ending 9th January - momentous and tragic events in France - recognising these and the extraordinary public response, this might be an appropriate piece, posted on the Tri-Studios web site - the Grateful Dead and "Liberty".