MARK DANIELS  -  Adviser on visitor and occupational health and safety at

historic buildings, parks, gardens, coast and countryside


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Work undertaken in 2013

Previous work undertaken in 2012 and 2011 can be found here.


Work undertaken in 2014 can be found here.


Work under way in 2014 can be found here.


Articles and other published material can be found here.



“Many thanks for the excellent, thorough and thought provoking audit of RSPB’s safety management system. We have already started to use the recommendations to make changes to the way we work, and to help shape our safety priorities for the coming years. The Board were very impressed with the clear, concise and justified recommendations made, and the staff involved have remarked how quickly you got to understand the organisation and its peculiarities, which has made the report very relevant. One or two commented that the questions did make them uncomfortable as you got under the skin of the way they managed safety at a local level, so the audit has had both a broad and occasionally very specific impact.”

Andy Stokes, Head of Safety Management, RSPB


"Your visit was tremendously helpful and a breath of fresh air, thank you."

Dave Baldwin, Health and Safety Officer, Blenheim Palace


"Thank you for all your advice. It has been a great help to have someone in from outside to give us guidance on all the safety issues."

Sarah Bray, High Beeches Garden


"Thanks so much for this and the reports …. can’t tell you how much it is appreciated to have you come to us and complete the survey and report."

Paul Dearn, Operations Manager, Chawton House Library



January - December - long-term work for Historic Scotland, helping to develop their arrangements for visitor safety management and tree safety management.


January - December - regular work providing technical advice and updates to the Woodland Trust on relevant occupational and visitor safety issues.


January - December - an agreement is in place with the Historic Houses Association (HHA) for the provision of health and safety advice to its members, and to the HHA centrally.


December - initial work for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) on a health and safety compliance audit.


December - work for Chawton House Library, Hampshire on visitor safety management, including drafting a visitor safety risk assessment.


October - November - work for the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust on visitor safety management and preparing and helping to deliver a workshop for site managers.


September - October - work for Lowther Castle and Gardens, Cumbria on visitor safety management, including drafting a visitor safety risk assessment.


July - producing guidance for Historic Houses Association (HHA) Members on managing visitor safety.


April - providing advice to the Norfolk Archaeological Trust at St Benet's Abbey on visitor and occupational safety issues and best practice.


April - providing advice to Blenheim Palace on occupational and visitor safety management issues.




March - April - work for the Woodland Trust, advising on risk-benefit assessment in relation to informal play facilities.


March - assisting with the updating of guidance published by the Association of Inland Navigation Authorities on managing inland waterway safety risks, and creating new guidance on tree safety management for inland navigation authorities.


January - work at High Beeches Garden, West Sussex, reviewing and developing existing safety arrangements for staff, volunteers and visitors.

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